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Interactive Office Floor Plan Software whether hosted online or on-premise greatly enhances the productivity of your workplace. Being able to quickly find where someone is located anywhere in your organization is one of the greatest benefits of implementing an interactive staff seating chart. Of course, there are numerous other benefits. The ability to give your […]

Have you ever travelled to head office and needed to book a meeting space?  The first thing to do would be to see if any meeting spaces are open.  With Floor Plan Mapper, you can easily see which meeting areas are available simply by the color of meeting room symbol. Your next step would be […]

Thanks to some innovative feature requests form a couple of our excellent clients, Floor Plan Mapper now has a couple of great new features: 1.  Business Area Delineation Instead of searching for a printer or person in an office, you might want to search for a business area, or, perhaps an area in an office […]

One thing we love about modern web search engines is the ability of the search engine to predict what you are going to type next.  This really helps to pinpoint what you are searching for. Floor Plan Mapper has embraced this predictive functionality by adding a dynamic search box, which, auto-completes (from the Windows Active […]