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Floor Plan Mapper provides the framework required to support real time indoor location tracking via interactive floor plans. Indoor positioning technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Indoor floor plan based mapping applications must support real time indoor positioning feeds.  The video below simulates the movement of three employees within an office building.

View the real time indoor employee location tracking demo here.

Another view of the same employee data delineates hotspots, or, popular places on the floor plan where employees tend to visit.

Employee Location Heat Map
Employee Location Heat Map


  1. Caner Guney

    Which radio technology are you using NLE or WiFi or RFID?
    How do you scale price for a retail shop?
    Best regards,
    Caner Guney, Istanbul, Turkey

    1. LaudonTech

      Hello Caner,

      We actually do not market the radio technology. We consume data captured via radio via various API’s. Then, display the locations on a floor plan.



    1. LaudonTech

      I don’t have a specific device I prefer. Some of our clients prefer RFID chips.

  2. It13

    which technology used for floor tracking is there any demo or any api suggest to implement small demo for learing.


    You can display and keep the log of the transit, some employee had per day?

  4. Jazer

    Can this be used for tracking employees? We are looking for this kind of system to trace people for Covid? How the system works?

  5. Bill Aylesworth

    How does this work in a multi floor building? Is it floor discrete or able to recognize hat floor an employee may be on and track that floor?
    Thanks, Bill Aylesworth

    1. LaudonTech

      In theory, the location beacons located on that floor return the floor name, along with the employees location.

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