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Compare Floor Plan Mapper Online Pricing

(SaaS based applications hosted in the Cloud)
  • Vendor

  • Monthly Price

  • Number of EmployeesNumber of Employees
  • $241

  • Number of Employees900
  • $199

  • Number of EmployeesUnlimited
  • $1500

  • Number of Employees500
  • Floor Plan Mapper
  • $68

  • Number of EmployeesUnlimited

Pricing for Floor Plan Mapper is based on the number of floors (unlimited users/accounts/desks/rooms). No need to pay by desk, employee or meeting room. The pricing comparison above is based >500 employees, unlimited floor plans, and desk booking functionality.

Floor Plan Mapper Pricing

On-premise pricing (perpetual, maintenance free including full 24/7 support, and free upgrades) starts as low as $75 per floor plan with unlimited users, desks, and rooms.