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Floor Plan Mapper’s business partner, EmergingSoft, publisher of the industry leading Microsoft Outlook integrated conference room and resource scheduling solution MeetingPlanner now supports interactive floor plans. MeetingPlanner makes single, recurring, or delegate appointment scheduling with conference rooms and equipment easy and error free. EmergingSoft scheduling solutions were developed for Microsoft Outlook and staff offers the most comprehensive development and scheduling experience for Microsoft available in the industry.  Use the powerful search engine and schedule views to easily find the rooms and resources needed to manage effective meetings with MeetingPlanner in Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, Office 365 and 2013. MeetingPlanner automatically updates existing reserved rooms and resources when meetings change or are cancelled – including automatic conflict management.

The EmergingSoft interactive floor plan application can be used for hot-desking, way finding, and room booking.  This new addition to the MeetingPlanner family works on kiosks and other touch hardware as well as desktops and mobile devices.

Some of the key highlights of the EmergingSoft interactive floor plan application include:

  • Full authentication and security for room booking
  • View only option
  • Avoid double booking by reserving an alternate room
  • Integrates with the rest of the MeetingPlanner Family
  • Customize and publish your floor plans easily

Contact EmergingSoft today to learn more: 952-842-7444.


  1. Kevin

    How much is your integration software? We have a hosted MS Exchange solution. Will integration still work in that scenario?

    1. LaudonTech

      The MS Exchange integration is handled directly by our business partner EmergingSoft Feel free to contact EmergingSoft directly with regards to pricing and integration scenarios.

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