Get your floor plans ready...

As blogged in Interactive Floor Plans for any Business – Part I: one common denominator exists between businesses: the necessity to utilize a floor plan of some sort. A floor plan drawing is in essence a map. Just as the migration of paper maps to online mapping has occurred, paper/digital floor plan drawings are following suit. The following are some more of the innovative ways interactive floor plans are being used:

  • Interactive Shopping Mall Maps – Last December, Bing Maps integrated interactive shopping mall floor plans into its Bing Maps platform.  You can use these mall maps to figure out where the right place to park is and map out your mall excursion so you don’t spend precious time walking around.
  • Interactive Exhibit Hall Maps – Conferences and trade shows almost always utilize a floor plan drawing to communicate exhibitors locations to attendees. Utilizing interactive exhibit hall floor plans greatly enhances the efficiency of a hard-copy exhibit hall floor plan.
  • Stay tuned for more examples of interactive floor plan mapping usage!

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