Get your floor plans ready...

One common denominator exists between businesses: the necessity to utilize a floor plan of some sort.   A floor plan drawing is in essence a map.  Just as the migration of paper maps to online mapping has occurred, paper/digital floor plan drawings are following suit.  The following are some of the innovative ways interactive floor plans are being used:

  • Interactive Museum Floor Plans – The Art Institute of Chicago opened a new Modern Wing in May of 2009, increasing their gallery space to over two million square feet.  To allow visitors to navigate such a space required an interactive, accessible solution.   Publishing their floor plans as an online Museum map solved this problem.
  • University Campus Directions – One of the major problems with regards to navigating around Universities is the high turn over of students.  New students need an easy way to find their way around a campus.  The University of Calgary have provided their students with an easy to use, interactive campus map:
  • Warehouse Inventory Mapping – A warehouse floor plan is a efficient media for managing inventory locations.  By interactively displaying product inventory locations, warehouse managers can quickly find the location of the product they are looking for.

Stay tuned for more examples of interactive floor plan mapping usage!

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