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Are you one of the many who are confused about the best office floor plan layout? Start with an analysis of what an office floor plan is.

An office floor plan refers to a type of drawing that shows you the layout of your office space from above. It typically illustrates the location of walls, doors, windows, cubicles, stairs, and elevators. It is an important factor that affects how and where your employees will perform their tasks.

Office planning goals are efficient in deciding office layout. Gone are the days of the cubicle-shaped workspace. In the past, the office was just a cube-shaped space. Over the years, modern technologies have changed the concept of almost everything.

In today’s world, we can find many types of office layouts. They reflect different working styles and the needs of the business.

Floor Plan Mapper provides you with a platform for a space planning solution that is easy to use and effective. Why sail in the same boat when you can be unique?

We are the only platform where you can find everything you need to get the most out of your office floor plans. Since we all rely on modern technologies, Floor Plan Mapper delivers with ease. Floor Plan Mapper makes your office floor plans more presentable.

The workplace is not just a place where you work and grow your business. It’s a place where innovation thrives and ideas are nurtured. We can help you transform your office into a dynamic workplace.

Below are a few features that reflect the efficiency of Floor Plan Mapper:

– Meeting rooms, desk booking is easy in Floor Plan Mapper

– Flexible options to meet your business needs.

– Fully integrated services help you get employee, device, and profile details with support  for real-time Microsoft windows active directory and MS-office 365 azure AD integration

– Adherence to the latest web architecture standards.

– Clients can customize the information available in the employee profile.

– Floor Plan Mapper displays vacant and non- vacant spots so that you can select desks for a specific period. Office 365 or Google Calendar will help with the booking process.

– Our hosting services provide you with flexible arrangements for employee seating.

– Floor Plan Mapper helps in managing employee seating configurations.

-Clients can create hotlinks to a meeting room or employee locations on a floor plan.

An interactive office floor plan helps you accomplish the following:

– improve communication and collaboration between employees.

– break down barriers, both literally and figuratively.

– provide you with the exact details of the space.

– improve corporate culture, helping the office function better.


  1. Caner Guney

    Which radio technology are you using NLE or WiFi or RFID?
    How do you scale price for a retail shop?
    Best regards,
    Caner Guney, Istanbul, Turkey

    1. LaudonTech

      Hello Caner,

      We actually do not market the radio technology. We consume data captured via radio via various API’s. Then, display the locations on a floor plan.



    1. LaudonTech

      I don’t have a specific device I prefer. Some of our clients prefer RFID chips.

  2. It13

    which technology used for floor tracking is there any demo or any api suggest to implement small demo for learing.


    You can display and keep the log of the transit, some employee had per day?

  4. Jazer

    Can this be used for tracking employees? We are looking for this kind of system to trace people for Covid? How the system works?

  5. Bill Aylesworth

    How does this work in a multi floor building? Is it floor discrete or able to recognize hat floor an employee may be on and track that floor?
    Thanks, Bill Aylesworth

    1. LaudonTech

      In theory, the location beacons located on that floor return the floor name, along with the employees location.

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