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The Dell KACE K1000 Systems Management Appliance provides comprehensive management of PCs, servers, Macs, Chromebooks, smart phones, tablets, printers, networking gear, and other network-connected non-computing devices for your organization.  To add value to this asset data, IT Staff requires a tool to locate IT Assets on a floor plan.  Integrating with Floor Plan Mapper was the solution.  Floor Plan Mapper already indexes and locates employees, meeting rooms, and printers, so Floor Plan Mapper was the natural choice to locate asset data from the Dell Kace 1000 appliance.

Floor Plan Mapper queries  the Dell Kace 1000 appliance, then displays a list of IT Assets to locate.


Floor Plan Mapper zooms to the IT Asset location, then queries the Dell Kace appliance and displays relevant attributes.

KACEImage2 copy



  1. Gerardo Gonzalez

    I’m an IT tech in a pharmaceutical plan. I’m making service ticket around different buildings. one of the problems with the requester is that they report a problem; for example they report the connection port but don’t say where is located. I want to know if I can do a mapping with your product?
    Gerry Gonzalez / Puerto Rico

    1. LaudonTech

      Great question. Yes, Floor Plan Mapper can be used to map network jacks/ports. In fact, Floor Plan Mapper can be used to map an locate any type of asset.



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