Get your floor plans ready...

Building evacuation plans, fire evacuation maps and earthquake emergency plans are essential not only to meet fire and building code requirements, but also provide employees a visible safety solution.  An understanding of the layout of the office or facility can mean the difference between life and death.

For example, occupants need to understand the facility’s layout to find their way to emergency exits. And emergency responders need to understand the facility layout so they can navigate easily and direct fire suppression efforts more effectively. Floor Plan Mapper offers new opportunities for providing facility information to occupants and first responders.

Employees can familiarize themselves with evacuation routes, the location of the nearest fire extinguishers, or even where the closest first aid kit is located with a simple click in Floor Plan Mapper.  Facility administrators have the flexibility to quickly be able to update their emergency evacuation plans in one place and publish for all to review.

Online services have changed many other aspects of our lives.  Computers are changing the way we accomplish facility mapping, emergency evacuation planning, and disaster recovery planning.  Floor Plan Mapper is one tool enabling us to deal with emergencies and recover from them faster.




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