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Interactive Office Floor Plan Software whether hosted online or on-premise greatly enhances the productivity of your workplace. Being able to quickly find where someone is located anywhere in your organization is one of the greatest benefits of implementing an interactive staff seating chart. Of course, there are numerous other benefits. The ability to give your […]

Floor Plan Mapper Online, our online version of Floor Plan Mapper now supports desk booking/hot desking. As staff currently working remotely return to the office, the need to manage staff seating arrangements in a flexible easy manner is paramount. Floor Plan Mapper Online’s new Desk Booking Module provides the solution to create dynamic staffing seating […]

Happy New Year from everyone at Floor Plan Mapper. Wishing a safe and Happy New Year to all our customers, business partners and friends! 2018 has been filled with incredible growth and evolution, and we’re excited about the future. In fact, 2018 was a super successful year pushing our total client list to over three hundred. […]

Floor Plan Mapper now integrates with Google Calendars (via the Google Calendar API).  Floor Plan Mapper checks Google calendar statuses and displays a green dot on the floor plan if the meeting room is available.  If the meeting room is booked, a red dot is displayed.  Clicking on a meeting room allows you to book […]