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You can now subscribe to Floor Plan Mapper Online. Floor Plan Mapper Online is a fully Amazon hosted version of Floor Plan Mapper providing an alternative to our self hosting on premise versions.  Take a look at how easy it is to get Floor Plan Mapper Online up and running: For as little as $28 […]

According to Forbes Online, “83% Of Enterprise Workloads Will Be In The Cloud By 2020. Digitally transforming enterprises (63%) is the leading factor driving greater public cloud engagement or adoption today.” The usage of Office 365™ among organizations globally has reached over 56% in 2018, up from 34% in 2016. These industry trends coupled with our […]

Floor Plan Mapper provides the framework required to support real time indoor location tracking via interactive floor plans. Indoor positioning technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Indoor floor plan based mapping applications must support real time indoor positioning feeds.  The video below simulates the movement of three employees within an office building. View the […]

Integrating interactive floor plans with employee directories just makes sense.  Floor Plan Mapper is designed to seamlessly integrate with employee directories via hot linking.  Simply create a web link from your employee directory to Floor Plan Mapper.  Append an employee name to the web link and Floor Plan Mapper will do the rest.  A dynamic, interactive […]

Floor Plan Mapper is constantly evolving. Every Floor Plan Mapper implementation results in fresh and innovative ideas. Here is the lowdown on the latest enhancement to Floor Plan Mapper: In current versions of Floor Plan Mapper, when searching for an employee, a callout window pointing to the employees location pops up, displaying the employee attributes […]

What if you could track your employees in real time, indoors and out? Sounds a bit Big Brotherish, wouldn’t you say? Well, perhaps not. There are many real world applications for tracking indoor movements on an interactive floor plan. For example, tracking patients in a hospital, or, tracking scientists in high security areas. In the […]

As blogged in Interactive Floor Plans for any Business – Part I: one common denominator exists between businesses: the necessity to utilize a floor plan of some sort. A floor plan drawing is in essence a map. Just as the migration of paper maps to online mapping has occurred, paper/digital floor plan drawings are following suit. […]

As organizations experience rapid growth and expansion, new faces are everywhere, and employees are becoming all too unfamiliar with one another.  This disparateness in the workplace can result in poor productivity, and, a lack of sense of working as a team to realize an organizations mission statement. Many organizations have limited channels to assist staff with getting to know […]