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The number of corporate systems Floor Plan Mapper can interface/integrate with continues to increase.  Floor Plan Mapper currently integrates with the Windows Active Directory, Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendars, Microsoft SharePoint, and Dell’s KACE Endpoint Systems Management Appliances. Our latest integration point is Deltek’s enterprise resource planning solution, Vision, is utilized by thousands of project focused organizations to […]

Floor Plan Mapper’s business partner, EmergingSoft, publisher of the industry leading Microsoft Outlook integrated conference room and resource scheduling solution MeetingPlanner now supports interactive floor plans. MeetingPlanner makes single, recurring, or delegate appointment scheduling with conference rooms and equipment easy and error free. EmergingSoft scheduling solutions were developed for Microsoft Outlook and staff offers the […]

2014 was a busy year for Floor Plan Mapper.  Here are a few more companies who have solved the problem of quickly locating employees, meeting rooms, and printer by implementing Floor Plan Mapper in 2014: Hulu Method Studios Kabam Red Ventures District Department of Transportation Scanline VFX Barlow Robbins Biotechnology Industry Organization Bottomline Technologies  Centre for […]

Thanks to some innovative feature requests form a couple of our excellent clients, Floor Plan Mapper now has a couple of great new features: 1.  Business Area Delineation Instead of searching for a printer or person in an office, you might want to search for a business area, or, perhaps an area in an office […]

One thing we love about modern web search engines is the ability of the search engine to predict what you are going to type next.  This really helps to pinpoint what you are searching for. Floor Plan Mapper has embraced this predictive functionality by adding a dynamic search box, which, auto-completes (from the Windows Active […]

Here are a few more companies who have solved the problem of quickly locating employees, meeting rooms, and printer by implementing Floor Plan Mapper:   Freeborn & Peters LLP   Conceptus Inc. Global Knowledge Gunderson Dettmer   Friedman Integrated Real Estate Solutions Litle & Co. Johnson & Johnson  (Australia)

Take a look at a few recent additions to the growing list of satisfied companies that have implemented Floor Plan Mapper: ITT Corporation  BÜRGER GmbH & Co. KG ZS Associates Integrated DNA Technologies FishNet Security Elliott Management As always, feel free to contact us should you be interested in contacting our clients for their feedback on […]

Floor Plan Mapper expands its integration points by seamlessly integrating with TOPDesk. TOPdesk is an international leader in cutting-edge Service Management solutions and standardized ITIL software. Over 4,000 organizations use TOPdesk with over 5,000 implementations worldwide. TOPDesk’s numerous modules are ideal candidates to realize value through interactive floor plans. Floor Plan Mapper directly accesses TOPDesk’s […]