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The task of booking a desk (hot desking) is easy in Floor Plan Mapper. Just follow these steps:

      1. Pick a desk to book. Floor Plan Mapper displays booked and vacant desks with different coloured dots:
        Desk availability on a floor plan

        With once glance you can visualize which desks are available or already booked. Floor Plan Mapper dynamically looks at the desk booking schedule and updates the floor plan in real time.

      2.  Click on a desk to change the booking for the desk. Select the name of the person to book the desk for, along with a date/time range.
        Selecting an employee to book a desk or office for.
        Selecting an employee to book a desk or office.
        Hot desk booking on a floor plan
        Selecting a date range to book a desk/office.

        Once a new employee and date range are selected for a desk, the employee previously utilizing the desk is automatically sent and displayed as working remotely.

        Employee working remotely
        Employee locations shown as working remotely.

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