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Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication technique that enables the ability to log in to numerous distinct software systems using a single set of credentials.  Using SSO eliminates the hassle of having different user credentials for every online app being accessed. Floor Plan Mapper Online clients utilizing Microsoft Office 365 in their organizations can now […]

Over the years, our clients have uploaded literally thousands of floor plans with the goal of creating interactive staff seating charts. These floor plans arrive at Floor Plan Mapper in many formats from hand drawn cubicles on paper  napkins to gigantic AutoCAD files. Although our preferred floor plan image format is PDF, any image format […]

What's new in Floor Plan Mapper v5? Over 70% of Floor Plan Mapper clients utilize the real time Windows AD integrated version of Floor Plan Mapper. As such, we receive many great new feature requests. Here are some of the new features found in our Fall 2022 release of Floor Plan Mapper: Floor Plan Mapper […]