Get your floor plans ready...

Thanks to some innovative feature requests form a couple of our excellent clients, Floor Plan Mapper now has a couple of great new features: 1.  Business Area Delineation Instead of searching for a printer or person in an office, you might want to search for a business area, or, perhaps an area in an office […]

One thing we love about modern web search engines is the ability of the search engine to predict what you are going to type next.  This really helps to pinpoint what you are searching for. Floor Plan Mapper has embraced this predictive functionality by adding a dynamic search box, which, auto-completes (from the Windows Active […]

Integrating interactive floor plans with employee directories just makes sense.  Floor Plan Mapper is designed to seamlessly integrate with employee directories via hot linking.  Simply create a web link from your employee directory to Floor Plan Mapper.  Append an employee name to the web link and Floor Plan Mapper will do the rest.  A dynamic, interactive […]