Get your floor plans ready...

SharePoint employee directories  are an efficient portal for locating employee information. However, SharePoint only provides a single field to display information with regards to where an employee sits. Floor Plan Mapper can be embedded into SharePoint via an web part.  This integration provides the ability to actually display an employees location on an interactive floor plan, […]

Take a look at a few recent additions to the growing list of satisfied companies that have implemented Floor Plan Mapper: Floor Plan Mapper Clients As always, feel free to contact us should you be interested in contacting our clients for their feedback on Floor Plan Mapper implementations.  

Floor Plan Mapper expands its integration points by seamlessly integrating with TOPDesk. TOPdesk is an international leader in cutting-edge Service Management solutions and standardized ITIL software. Over 4,000 organizations use TOPdesk with over 5,000 implementations worldwide. TOPDesk’s numerous modules are ideal candidates to realize value through interactive floor plans. Floor Plan Mapper directly accesses TOPDesk’s […]

Floor Plan Mapper Mobile can now be accessed via mobile devices and touch screen monitors.  This makes Floor Plan Mapper an ideal solution to navigating floor plans from a mobile device, or a touch screen kiosk.  Take a look at a demo video: Check out a live demo here: Interactive Mobile Floor Plans UPDATE! Now […]