Get your floor plans ready...

Floor plans are used extensively in the construction industry from initial planning to the final phases of construction. The majority of the floor plans used in construction activities are paper based. Paper floor plans take a beating at a construction site, and, making copies for the various contractors at a building site can be daunting. […]

Floor Plan Mapper is constantly evolving. Every Floor Plan Mapper implementation results in fresh and innovative ideas. Here is the lowdown on the latest enhancement to Floor Plan Mapper: In current versions of Floor Plan Mapper, when searching for an employee, a callout window pointing to the employees location pops up, displaying the employee attributes […]

Welcome! In conjunction with the release of a new and improved Floor Plan Mapper website, we have also set up a blog to keep you informed with regards to everything Floor Plan Mapping. The Floor Plan Mapper Blog endeavors to provide information not only pertinent to interactive indoor floor plan mapping software applications, but also the […]