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Bringing Your Office Floor Plans to Life

Floor Plan Mapper transforms office floor plans into an interactive, dynamic, clickable, bookable office employee map. Search and locate employees, meeting rooms and printers. Book a desk or a meeting room. Create custom areas of interest to zoom to, such as departments or common areas. Add custom symbols/icons to your floor plans.

Floor Plan Mapper Satisfies Your Business Requirements

Fully Integrated

Floor Plan Mapper supports real time Microsoft Windows Active Directory and Microsoft Office 365 Azure AD integrations. Floor Plan Mapper populates employee/MDM profile information from your corporate system eliminating the need to enter employee/device profile details in two different systems. Floor Plan Mapper also integrates with Asset Management Systems.

Desk/Room Booking

Floor Plan Mapper makes it easy to book a desk, or a meeting room. Floor Plan Mapper displays which desks are available or booked. Simply click on a desk, select a time period to book a desk, then add the booking to your Outlook calendar. To book a meeting room, just click on the room to hotlink to an Office 365 or Google calendar.

Easy to Customize

Floor Plan Mapper adheres the latest web architecture standards. Clients have full access to easily and quickly customize the UI to apply a custom look and feel for seamless integration with an existing employee or staff directory. Clients can also customize the information/attributes shown in the employee profile popups.

Intranet Embeddable/Supports Hotlinking

Floor Plan Mapper does not contain product branding allowing you to seamlessly embed Floor Plan Mapper Employee Map directory into your Companies Intranet, SharePoint or other CMS. You can also create hotlinks to an meeting room or staff location on a floor plan. Adding more text will make this balance up I hope.

Floor Plan Mapper: Hosted On Premise or Hosted Online

On Premise Hosting

Securely host Floor Plan Mapper on your own secure internal web server (Windows IIS, Tomcat on Linux, Virtual or Physical)

Host Online (SaaS)

Floor Plan Mapper Online is hosted on reliable, scalable, and secure Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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Keep your office floor plans up to date

On Premise Floor Plan Admin

Floor Plan Mapper ships with an easy to use Administration App. Assign a desk location and Floor Plan Mapper automatically links and populates employee profile data.

Online Hosted Admin

Drag and Drop locations using the Floor Plan Mapper Online Administration App. Just upload your floor plans, import your employee database/spreadsheet and assign locations.

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