Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Floor Plan Mapper?

Floor Plan Mapper is an application designed to solve the simple problem of location people, printers and meeting rooms within an office building.

Who created Floor Plan Mapper?

The company behind Floor Plan Mapper is LaudonTech, a location based technologies solutions firm based in British Columbia, Canada.  LaudonTech has been in business for over 25 years.  Their main product, Floor Plan Mapper, is in use by over a hundred companies worldwide including Hulu, Mercedes Benz, Coach, Getty Images, The Washington Post, and Meijer.

Where does Floor Plan Mapper get installed?

Floor Plan Mapper is a web based application hosted entirely on your own web servers.  We do not offer a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution at this point.

What web server technology does Floor Plan Mapper require?

IIS or Apache Tomcat.

Can Floor Plan Mapper be hosted on a Linux Server?


Can Floor Plan Mapper be integrated into an intranet such as SharePoint?

Yes.  Floor Plan Mapper can be embedded into an intranet.  For more information regarding how Floor Plan Mapper integrates with an intranet, read our recent blog post here.

Does Floor Plan Mapper integrate with the Windows Active Directory?

Floor Plan Mapper fully integrates with the Windows Active Directory.  Basically, Floor Plan Mapper ships with an administration tool allowing you to assign a unique ID to an XY location on your floor plan. You then take that unique ID and enter it into your AD (for whatever object you wish to display on the floor plan). You can use a custom AD field, or one of the pre-defined fields. Then, when you search for that object using Floor Plan Mapper the object will show up in the correct location. To move the object (printer, person, meeting rooms, etc) all you need to do is enter a new ID into the AD. Floor Plan Mapper does not write to the AD, only read.  Floor Plan Mapper can display data from any AD field including the thumbnailphoto field (employee photo).

Does Floor Plan Mapper integrate with Office 365 and Azure Active Directory?

Yes.  Contact us for the details.

How do we get our floor plans into Floor Plan Mapper?

Floor plans (PDF, JPG, CAD, etc) are imported into a proprietary Floor Plan Mapper format allowing for smooth, efficient navigation.

What happens if we change the physical layout of our floor plans?

In the event the physical layout of your office changes, we will have to re-import the floor plans for you.  We perform this service at a greatly reduced rate and usually only takes a few hours or so.

Does Floor Plan Mapper support Microsoft Outlook Calendar/Room Booking integration?

Yes.  Our business partner EmergingSoft fully supports Outlook Calendar/Room Booking.  For more information regarding Floor Plan Mapper Outlook integration, read our recent blog post here.

Does Floor Plan Mapper support Microsoft SharePoint Calendar/Room Booking?

Yes, Floor Plan Mapper integrates with Microsoft SharePoint Calendar/Room Booking.  For more information regarding Floor Plan Mapper SharePoint Calendar/Room Booking, read our recent blog post here

Can Floor Plan Mapper be integrated with other corporate systems such as Asset Management/Facilities Management systems?

Yes.  Floor Plan Mapper is architected with an open backend data model/software architecture.  This allows Floor Plan Mapper to easily integrate with Asset Management systems such as Dell, KACE, Deltek and TopDesk.

How much does Floor Plan Mapper cost?

The Floor Plan Mapper cost is based on the number and complexity of Floor Plans.  The usual cost per floor plan is around $150 per floor plan.  In the event numerous floor plans are involved (>10), discount pricing applies.  There are no additional monthly or annual licensing/subscription costs associated with Floor Plan Mapper.

Do you provide discounted pricing for educational and/or non-profit organizations?

Yes.  We offer a 15% discount for educational and/or non-profit organizations.

Where can I find out more information about Floor Plan Mapper?

Contact us!  We will get back to you usually within an hour of so.

Which companies are using Floor Plan Mapper?

Take a look at list of our current clients via the Floor Plan Mapper Client Gallery.