Floor Plan Mapper Now Integrated with Office 365 Azure Active Directory

Microsoft Azure Active Directory provides identity management and access control capabilities for cloud services such as Office 365. Azure AD capabilities include a cloud-based store for directory data and a core set of identity services, including user logon processes, authentication services, and Federation Services.

Microsoft has successfully reinvented itself as a cloud computing powerhouse as the technology landscape tilted in favor of mobile devices and cloud services, rather than software running on PCs. Today, one out of every five corporate employees uses an Office 365 cloud service, up from less than 7% just nine months ago.

Floor Plan Mapper now supports Office 365 Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) integration.  The connection between Azure AD and Floor Plan Mapper enables Microsoft Office 365 customers to search for employees and display the employees location on an office floor plan.  Once located on the floor plan, profile details such as employee photos, telephone numbers, job title etc. will be dynamically populated and displayed in Floor Plan Mapper.

Floor Plan Mapper employees the robust Microsoft Graph API to query and display employee profile information from the Azure AD.

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