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Floor Plan Mapper

Bringing Your Office Floor Plans to Life

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Interactive Office Floor Plans

Floor Plan Mapper transforms your office floor plans into an interactive, dynamic, clickable office map. Search and locate employees, meeting rooms and printers.

Fully Integrated

Fully supports Windows Active Directory, SharePoint, SQL Server, Facilities/Asset Management Systems integration.

Easy to customize

Floor Plan Mappers HTML5/CSS3 architecture allows for easy, quick customization. Apply your own look and feel.

Room Booking

Calendar integration allows you to quickly visualize room availability, schedules, and, enable room booking.

Intranet Embeddable

Seamlessly embed Floor Plan Mapper into your Companies Intranet, SharePoint or other CMS.

Floor Plan Mapper Supports Kiosks and Wayfinding

Floor Plan Mapper provides way-finding via large screen kiosks or mobile tablets.

Try our mobile demo

Floor Plan Mapper ships with an easy to use Administration Tool

  • Add new Employees /Assets
    Assign a location to an Employee/Asset. Enter Employee/Asset detailed attributes include photos.

  • Edit and Move Employees/Assets
    Assign a new location to an Employee/Asset including across office locations and floors.

  • Keep your Floor Plan in sync with Windows Active Directory
    Create and edit unique officeID's linking an employee location to the Windows Active Directory records.

Try Floor Plan Mapper out via our live demo




Floors Managed


Employees Mapped


Floor Plan Mapper Blog

News, Tips, Tricks and More via our Blog

Floor Plan Mapper Client Gallery

Take a look at our new interactive Floor Plan Mapper client gallery.   Dynami...

Google Calendar Floor Plan Mapper Integration

Floor Plan Mapper now integrates with Google Calendars (via the Google Calendar API)...


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