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Floor Plan Mapper - Solution to the Office Floor Plan Problem
having trouble locating an employee, printer, or meeting room?

Your Floor Plans via an Interactive Floor Plan Map
Floor Plan Mapper takes your office/building floor plan drawings and renders them via an interactive floor plan map. Some of the features Floor Plan Mapper offers are:

  • Find an employee by typing a few letters of their name.
  • Find an employee by selecting their name from a list.
  • Hotlink directly to an employee location on a floor plan.
  • Find out who sits where simply by hovering over their office/cubicle.
  • Integrate Floor Plan Mapper with Windows Server Active Directory.
  • Simply drag and drop to move employee to new location.
  • Easily delete or edit employee details.
  • Attach and display photos, videos, or hyperlinks (eg email address).
  • Easily customize what employee details you want to see in the employees profile.
  • Label floor plan dynamically with any employee detail (name, officeID, etc).
  • Shade offices with colors or symbols based on availability, etc.
  • Display emergency evacuation routes.
  • Locate printers, PC's other IT assets.
  • License Free
  • Room Booking Calendar Integration
  • Live display of Room Availability

How Floor Plan Mapper Works
steps to implement Floor Plan Mapper

  1. Send us your floor plans (PDF/CAD/Image).
  2. Decide what attributes you would like to see.
  3. We package up Floor Plan Mapper and forward to you.
  4. You un-zip Floor Plan Mapper onto your webserver.

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Blog Updates
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What's New?
the latest from LaudonTech

5th / 02 / 2015
Floor Plan Mapper now integrates with SharePoint Calendars

1st / 11 / 2014
Floor Plan Mapper redesigned to allow for easy third party integrations such as WorkDay, PeopleSoft and the Windows Active Directory.

18th / 09 / 2014
Floor Plan Mapper Kiosk Version Coming Soon! Due to popular demand, Floor Plan Mapper now integrates with Microsoft Exchange to retrieve meeting bookings and share them via an interactive floor plan. Stay tuned for a live demo!

28th / 11 / 2013
Floor Plan Mapper Demo updated! Check it out here...

1st / May / 2012
Floor Plan Mapper now integrates with TOPDesk, an international leader in cutting-edge Service Management solutions and standardized ITIL software. Read more...

1st / April / 2011
LaudonTech launches new and improved Floor Plan Mapper website with more content and more live demos.

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What our Customers are Saying
Customer Testimonials

"LaudonTech's Floor Plan Mapper integrates very nicely with multiple 3rd-party systems. End-users can easily update their location so there is virtually zero administrative overhead. I would recommend LaudonTech's floor plan mapper any organization looking for an asset mapping solution."
Adam Meeker, Business Analyst, Integrated DNA Technologies

"The floor mapping application produced by Laudontech was able to quite simply map features and display feature descriptions. The user could effectively edit the placement of features and their descriptions using the web based interface."
Jerry Maedel, GIS Remote Sensing Analyst, Faculty of Forestry - University of British Columbia